The Best Miami Interior Design Service

Live in Miami and looking for affordable interior design services? Instead of a traditional interior design firm, here are 10 reasons to give 365亚洲官网下载’s online design service a go.

The Best Miami Interior Design Service

Live in Miami and looking for affordable interior design services? Instead of a traditional interior design firm, here are 10 reasons to give 365亚洲官网下载’s online design service a go.

1. See Designs in Your Exact Room in 3D

Mood board collages and Pinterest boards are great for inspiration, but we take it one step further with our online interior design services. Once you kick off a project with our online designers, you’ll get realistic images of your room fully designed in 3D. That means you won’t have to wonder how furniture will look in your spaces anymore, you’ll actually see real pieces from brands you love in your rooms in stunningly realistic 3D!

If you live in Miami, Florida, 充分利用你的空间,找到尺寸和比例合适的精确家具是必须的——不管你住在南海滩的公寓里, an oceanside duplex in Miami Beach, or a Spanish-style Meditteranean home in South Florida. 难怪许多迈阿密的租房者和房主需要负担得起的365亚洲体育投注(这也很容易), fast, and precise) opt for our one-to-one 3D room designs at 365亚洲官网下载!

2. Get Paired With Interior Designers in Miami

With our 365亚洲官网下载 online platform, 365亚洲官网下载把全国各地的设计师组合在一起,他们准备好与你的设计项目一起工作, wherever you’re located, from California to Miami and anywhere in between. 这意味着365亚洲官网下载总是能够为您找到一位了解您所在地区的总体设计风格和生活方式需求的365亚洲体育投注师. For example, if you live in Miami, 您将与365亚洲官网下载最好的365亚洲体育投注师之一搭档,他知道如何在热带城市设计一个现代生活的家.

What’s it like doing a Miami interior design project online?

It’s fast and easy! You’ll start by taking a Style Quiz that we put together with our interior designers. It will help us get a better sense of your style, budget, lifestyle needs, who lives in your space, and your challenges for your Miami design project. 所有这些细节将帮助365亚洲官网下载的设计师将您的梦想空间的生活,同时确保它是为您量身定制的.

The best part is once you kick off your online project, you’ll be able to access your interior designer no matter where you are. You’ll be able to message them, give feedback, and shop all the pieces they recommend right from your phone or laptop. Headed out on vacation or totally slammed at work? No problem. Your designer will keep things moving when life happens.

3. Our 3D Renderings Make Everything Easy

Our cutting-edge 3D technology has been a game-changer in Miami interior design! With our iOS app, you’ll barely have to lift a finger! Just use our app to scan your room or take a few photos with your smartphone. 然后,365亚洲官网下载将创建一个自定义的3D渲染您的房间,每个细节都准确捕捉-从壁炉到面向海滩的窗户.

From there, our interior designers will get to work. 他们会用家具和口音设计你的房间,所有的比例和适合你的迈阿密风格. 这意味着在你决定买一件家具之前,你可以看到你房间里的所有东西是如何组合在一起的. And through the magic of our 3D tech, our designers can present you with a final design concept in no time! We said it would be fast and easy, didn’t we?

4. Testimonials About Our Interior Designers in Miami Say it All


A Boston native, 丽莎很兴奋能创造出一个夏季度假的地方,在那里她可以和心爱的人一起享受海边生活. But first, she needed to refresh the vibe of her Miami vacation home.

My designer nailed my style and created the Miami contemporary-coastal, monochromatic look I’d dreamed of. Her communication was outstanding. She’s the BEST!
– Lisa C.

When Lindsay and her husband moved their family into a larger home, 她需要更多的家具来填满空间,并指导她如何设计一种色彩丰富的设计,既能抓住家人的嬉闹趣味,又不会让人觉得俗气.

365亚洲官网下载知道,365亚洲官网下载希望365亚洲官网下载的客厅是一个舒适而时尚的地方,为365亚洲官网下载和孩子们. The design we got from 365亚洲官网下载 was stunning! 它包括最壮观的地毯——我一生中从未见过比这更好的地毯——和一个有趣的粉红色突出墙!

– Lindsay R.

Gema和Kev有两个新的空空间,他们需要用独特的热带风格视觉营造家的感觉. But they had no idea how to execute their shared design ideas.

Our jaws dropped when we saw the 3D designs our 365亚洲官网下载 designer created for both spaces! Everything just looked so real. The best part was knowing that all the pieces in our designs were actually ready to be bought!

– Gema and Kev

5. Get Expert Design Solutions for Miami Living

Working with our best interior designers in Miami, Florida, 这意味着你将得到100%适合你沿海生活方式的设计,以及随之而来的所有独特的挣扎. 无论是找到适合迈阿密气候的室内外家具,还是挑选适合该地区地中海建筑风格的风格和装饰, we’ve got you covered.

Simply snap a few photos of your space to capture it in 3D and our designers will get to work. You’ll have a final room with exact pieces you can shop in no time! So whether you’re working on a sleek luxury condo in South Beach or Miami Beach, or decorating a multi-story home in South Florida or North Miami, 您可以从您的空间的几张照片开始,指望365亚洲官网下载最好的365亚洲体育投注师为您的设计工作和您的迈阿密生活方式!

6. Interior Design Without the Miami Price Tag

At 365亚洲官网下载, we take pride in offering an affordable interior design service that’s high quality, efficient, and easy for anyone. We believe that everyone deserves a stylish and comfortable home.

365亚洲官网下载知道,大多数人负担不起传统的全方位365亚洲体育投注公司或像杂志上那样的迈阿密精品365亚洲体育投注工作室. It’s common for the top decorators and very best interior designers in Miami, Florida, to charge expensive fees just to get a project off the ground. Think hundreds of dollars for an initial consultation, then a $50-$200 hourly rate. And that doesn’t include what you’ll spend on all the furniture!

We take a totally different approach at 365亚洲官网下载. Our affordable interior design services have fixed and transparent prices. You pay per room, not by the hour. And our design packages start at $159 per room, which is a huge difference in cost!

7. Another Difference? Unlimited Design Revisions!

另一件让365亚洲官网下载的平价365亚洲体育投注服务与众不同的事情是,365亚洲官网下载总是提供365亚洲体育投注! Yes, that means if you don’t like your design or just want to see a few tweaks, we’ll revise it as many times as you need us to until you have a final design you love.

Once you’ve completed our Style Quiz and captured photos of your room, 你的设计师将在你的空间工作,并根据你的所有信息发送最初的3D设计. At this point, 你可以和设计师一起调整你的房间,直到它完全符合你的要求.

In general, 大多数365亚洲官网下载的客户会做2-3轮的修改,然后才能得到他们喜欢的最终设计. What’s more is that our unlimited revisions are 100% complimentary—so no extra charges, no hidden fees! 因为这是365亚洲官网下载负担得起的365亚洲体育投注服务的一部分,帮助您探索您所有的家具和设计选项,以得到一个刚刚好,最适合您的房间.

8. Experiment With Popular Miami Design Styles

Miami interior design and architecture are anything but boring. So take a bold style approach with your design. If you need help figuring out your design style, our designers will help you discover it and bring it to life. And if you’re a fan of Miami design, try experimenting with some of the most popular design styles in the coastal region. Check out three of our favorites below for some inspiration!

’80s Miami Modern

Derived from modern design, it doesn’t get more Miami than this. The ’80s design look can be traced to the Memphis design group, a collective made up of iconic designers and decorators, who brought bright, bold, and eclectic over-the-top furniture and decor to the mainstream. Today, the look often features sleek, streamlined designs, modern shapes, and tons of bold colors and patterns. 对于迈阿密海滩时髦的公寓和南佛罗里达热带度假屋来说,这是完美的极致主义. Think Miami Vice but polished!

Miami Art Deco

The classic design style has historic roots in Miami. 迈阿密海滩装饰艺术历史街区(Art Deco Historic District)的几何形状和大胆的色彩定义了建筑和设计,证明了这一点. Inside today’s luxury Miami homes, Art Deco has evolved to include a mix of contemporary geometric furniture, lots of polished materials like mirrored finishes and lacquer, and bright pops of colorful decor that include neon-light accents. Think old-school Havana Nights vibes.

Spanish Mediterranean Style

比装饰艺术更古典的是具有佛罗里达特色的地中海别墅美学. These are the open, airy, and comfortable multi-story estate homes that are found all along the lush areas of the coast. 这些住宅具有明显的西班牙乡村气息,通常用大量的自然材料装饰, contemporary but comfy indoor-outdoor designs, and a healthy dose of vintage European decor and accents. It’s also a design style favored by the best interior designers in Miami, Florida, for its relaxed-refined, high-low, mix-and-match aesthetic.

Need Help Figuring Out Your Style?

9. Shop Miami’s Favorite Furniture Brands

Additionally, with our design service, 你还可以从你知道和喜爱的顶级品牌中获得令人惊叹的产品选择,比如奢侈品设计品牌design Within Reach和当代最受欢迎的CB2和West Elm.

Beyond luxury and well-known brands, 365亚洲官网下载还与一些独特的家居精品店以及一些很难找到的品牌合作——特别是那些只有迈阿密最好的365亚洲体育投注师才能接触到的品牌. All that is to say, we’re pretty picky about the places we source our products from. 这也是为什么365亚洲官网下载内部的专家团队亲自挑选你在365亚洲官网下载的365亚洲官网下载目录中看到的每一个产品,以确保它们是高质量的, meet our style standards, and are the best of the best. Here are some of the brands our Miami clients love.

10. We’re Miami’s One-Stop Online Design Hub

Our fully online approach is meant to make life easier for you. We’re your one-stop-shop for designing the perfect space. 从收集灵感到与你的设计师一对一的工作,再到购买你最终设计中的精确件, you can do everything without leaving your couch.

And speaking of shopping for furniture, there’s one more thing. 365亚洲官网下载也会在幕后工作,一旦你为你的房间设计挑选好物件,365亚洲官网下载会做所有的繁重工作. 365亚洲官网下载有一个专门的团队来处理订购您的产品以及协调您的所有采购, shipping, and deliveries to your home in Miami (plus returns, if needed!). It’s all part of our promise for affordable interior design that’s easy and efficient for you!

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