The Best 纽约365亚洲体育投注 Service

Looking to work with an interior designer in New York? Here are 10 reasons to think beyond traditional interior design firms and try out online interior design with 365亚洲官网下载.

The Best 纽约365亚洲体育投注 Service

Looking to work with an interior designer in New York? Here are 10 reasons to think beyond traditional interior design firms and try out online interior design with 365亚洲官网下载.

1. 请参阅设计在您的确切房间三维

While Pinterest and mood boards are great for interior design inspiration, when you work with our online designers, you’ll actually get life-like images of your room fully designed in 3D. No more wondering how furniture, paint, and accents might look together. You’ll see it all in your exact room, expertly designed in 3D!

If you live in a busy city like New York, precision is a must whether you’re decorating a shoebox apartment in Soho or a brownstone in Brooklyn. So it’s easy to see why our realistic 3D room designs at 365亚洲官网下载 are a popular choice for New Yorkers looking for a New York interior design service that’s easy-to-use, 非常高效。, 和准确!

2. Work with a New York City Interior Designer

Our 365亚洲官网下载 online platform lets you work with a designer from anywhere, no matter your location. We have designers all across the country, from Brooklyn to San Francisco to places in between. This ensures you’ll work with the best interior designers who are familiar with your location, 生活方式, 和需要. 如果你住在纽约, our interior designers will be sure to take all the factors of living in a bustling metropolitan city into consideration!

What’s it like working with an interior designer online?

The whole process is easier than you think! You’ll start by taking a style quiz that we developed with our designers to understand your interior design style and specific project needs. We’ll ask a range of questions about your budget, style, 谁住在你的空间里, 你的设计在挣扎. This ensures our designer has all the info to bring your project to life and design a space that checks all your boxes.

Since it’s is fully online, you’ll have access to your designer anywhere you are. You’ll also be able to message your interior designer about their designs and shop pieces you love, 所有这些都来自你的手机或电脑. 所以如果你在度假, 旅行的工作, 忙了一周而陷入困境, 或者当生活发生的时候, your designer can keep things going for your project!

3. Cutting-Edge 3D Rendering Technology Makes the Process Easy

告别繁琐的测量! We’ve taken interior design to the next level with our iOS app. Simply use it to scan your room or snap a few photos. We’ll then turn them into a custom 3D rendering of your exact room—from the crown molding right down to every outlet and detail of your home.

使用3D模型, our designers will start designing your space with furniture and accents that are perfectly to scale. You’ll be able to see everything in your room before you commit to buying a single piece. 最好的部分? Our 3D technology also allows our designers to expedite the design process to turn around your final designed room in photo-real 3D in no time. And it’s much more affordable than a traditional interior design firm!

4. Reviews of NYC Interior Designers Speak for Themselves

Of course, we think our online interior design services are pretty amazing. But you’d probably rather hear it from some of our happy clients in New York City.

Seb and Nic wanted a calming ambiance in their Manhattan apartment to escape the chaos of busy city life.

Seeing our space in 3D was a real wow moment for us. We really liked the design options right away!

- Seb和Nic

Lauren wanted her first New York City studio apartment to reflect her style while still making the most of the tiny space.

Before 365亚洲官网下载, I had an empty studio where I felt too timid to decorate alone! 现在我喜欢呆在家里.


Alberto and his partner needed furniture that had the right scale and design style for their airy New York City duplex.

We loved that the 3D designs we received were filled with items from popular brands like West Elm and Design Within Reach.

- - -阿尔贝托。.

Jeremy found himself working from home in an empty apartment with no time to decorate. With 365亚洲官网下载, he got the organized and relaxing space he craved.

My apartment makes me feel better than I’ve ever felt in any place I’ve lived. 特别是在大流行期间, it’s been so important to me that I feel comfortable and at home in my apartment. I couldn’t be happier with the design and the pieces picked out for me.


5. See Expert Solves for Tricky New York Spaces

Whether you’re living the dream in a Central Park apartment on the Upper West Side, moving into your first New York City studio in Brooklyn, or decorating a family townhouse on the Upper East Side, living in New York comes with some serious design challenges.

但别担心,365亚洲官网下载是来帮忙的! Our New York interior designers are experts when it comes to tackling the quirky NYC interior—be it a tiny apartment space for one, 室友共享的情况, 或者是多层家庭住宅. They’ve seen it all and they’re ready to design a space that works for you and your New York City 生活方式!

Simply snap a few photos to capture your space in 3D, and they’ll get right to work designing your space with furniture and accents to scale. They’ll send your final room in photo-real 3D in no time, and you’ll be able to shop the exact pieces you love straight from the images using your phone or computer. 真的很简单!

6. More Affordable Than 传统的 Design Firms

Let’s face it: Most people can’t afford the best interior designers or the cool boutique interior design firm featured in magazines. And when it comes to traditional interior designers in New York, they’re notoriously expensive. We’re talking several hundred dollars for an initial consultation, and then usually a $50-$150 hourly rate. That’s also before you spend on all the furniture and decor for your space!

We approach it all differently at 365亚洲官网下载. Our prices are fixed and transparent: You pay per room, not per hour. Our design packages start at $159 per room, which makes designing a lot more affordable!

7. Enjoy Unlimited Design Revisions (Seriously!)

如果你不喜欢你的设计怎么办? 别担心. 365亚洲官网下载提供365亚洲体育投注! (Although we’re confident you won’t need that many *wink*) This is simply one more thing that sets 365亚洲官网下载 apart from other interior design services.

不管你担心什么, our interior designers are sure to work with you to get you a final design you love. Once you’ve completed your style quiz and your 3D room model is ready, your interior designer will send you initial designs based on your needs. 从那里, you’ll be able to work one-on-one with your interior designer to tweak and adjust your design until it’s 100% what you want.

Most 365亚洲官网下载 customers go through 2-3 revisions before landing on a design they love. Our unlimited revisions are complimentary, so there are no extra charges or hidden fees. It’s all the more reason to take your time exploring furniture options and working through all the changes with your 365亚洲官网下载 interior designer until you get a final design you love.

8. Try Some Popular 纽约365亚洲体育投注 Styles

New York is all about letting your personal style shine. That goes for your design style for your NYC interior also. If you’re not sure what your design style is, your 365亚洲官网下载 interior designer will help you bring it to life in your space. While every New York City space is uniquely different, there are some design styles that are especially popular in the city. 看看下面:


等量的, 流线型的, 和复杂的, it’s easy to see why this is one of the most popular design styles among 365亚洲官网下载 clients in New York. With the 现代工业 New York City look, you can expect to find clean-lined furnishings, 前卫的艺术和口音, and high-contrast color palettes that are effortlessly cool but still comfy and inviting.


典型的, this style is popular for its timelessness and tried-and-true approach to comfort. The traditional New York room is all about big upholstered foundations, 精制木碎片, and all the ornate accents and finishing touches that give the room classic elegance. Think Manhattan Pre-War apartment right down to the crown molding!


Fashionable without sacrificing comfort, this look is best described as the glamorous downtown apartment. It’s got lots of luster, a bit of edge, and tons of personality. The chic NYC interior has elegant velvet pieces, 金属口音, and no shortage of trendy art and bright pops of colors. It also always has a few vintage pieces that never go out of style.

Ready to find out your interior design style?

9. Try on Furniture From Brands You’ll Love

As part of our online interior design service, we’ve worked hard to get you access to the best product selection from some of the top brands—from Design Within Reach and CB2 to West Elm.

In addition to working with brands you know and love, we also work with newer unique ones as well as hard-to-find brands that only the best interior designers have access to. Our in-house team of experts hand-curate every product we feature, ensuring that the pieces we include in your designs are high-quality and the best of the best. Needless to say, we’re pretty picky about who we source from! Here are some brands that are popular with our New York City clients.

10. 整个过程是在线的

把365亚洲官网下载当成你的一站式商店. 一切都是在网上完成的, from inspiration and working with your interior designer in New York to shopping for the exact furniture pieces in your design.

We’ve made it easy for you to shop from our brand partners in one seamless checkout process. Just as our interior designers take care of all the nitty-gritty design details for you, we have a dedicated team to help you do all the ordering and heavy-lifting (literally and figuratively.) Our experts work behind the scenes to coordinate all your purchases, from shipping to delivery and returns, 如果需要. 是的,365亚洲官网下载会为你做的!


Online interior design can be intimidating, but we’re so confident that you’ll love your experience, that we guarantee you’ll find a design you love, 或者把钱拿回来!